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Видео: редкий гиперкар Koenigsegg разогнался до 320 км/ч


В Instagram опубликовали видеоролик, в котором показано, как гиперкар Koenigsegg Regera разгоняется с места до 321 км в час. Запись сделали на испытательном полигоне шведской марки в Энгельхольме.

Regera укомплектован гибридной силовой установкой, состоящей из пятилитрового твин-турбомотора V8, трех электрических двигателей (один интегрирован в коленвал и два установлены на задней оси), а также уникальной одноступенчатой трансмиссии.

В сумме агрегаты выдают свыше 1500 л. с. 2000 Н·м крутящего момента. Гиперкар способен ускоряться с места до 100 км/ч за 2,8 секунды, а на разгон свыше 400 км/ч уходит не более 20 секунд. Максимальная скорость превышает 440 км в час. Тираж Regera ограничили 80 экземплярами.

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Rate this… .By the way, I didn’t continue to speed more because I had to break… 🤪. . . How amazing this is? The one gear Regera engine is something amazing and crazily FAST! The Electric power together with the combustion engine (in reality 1700HP) that when both combined gives u in real time and speed 1500HP… which as u can see is completely insane 😍😍!! There are no words to compare this car/feeling to any other… I don’t like to compare cars until I drive them and even like that I think that each car is build with its own purpose… also among the Koeniseggs I have been driving so far I would say that each of them has its own personality and gives me always a different feeling each one… They can be similar in some things…. but definitely all different and that is what makes them all HyperCars but different drives… . Most of the HyperCars are trying to win records, max speed, technology and all that… but in reality the pleasure in my opinion is based on the feeling u have when u drive a car, and u feel safe to speed, u feel comfortable to go everywhere (almost) and that u can above all have fun! All these TOP speed are nice yes… but let’s be honest, we cannot drive like that all around all the time…. . Guys don’t get angry with me, is just my opinion as a petrolhead also, as someone that loves speed, but also someone that’s wants to drive and have fun always… ! Enjoy and share ur opinion 💙✌️💙. . . . . . . #carinalima #carinalimaracing #carinalima_racing #koenigsegg #regera #hypercars247

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